Calendar of Events at the Apple Patch


The Apple Patch opens after Labor Day every Fall and closes usually the week of Halloween. We have no storage facilities; all varieties are picked and sold as they mature. So due to seasonal variations we may open or close a little bit earlier or later each year.
Apple Patch expected opening
Apple Patch expected closing
Saturday, September 9th
Sunday, October 29th



Sept. 9: Apple Patch opens, MacIntosh are ready for pies. Good crop in 2006.

Sept. 16: Jonamacs and Galas are ready, Macintosh are sweeter.

Sept 23: Jonalicious and Haralsons are ready, Macintosh, Jonamacs are good for sauce and cider.

Sept. 30: Red Delicious and Grimes are starting. MacIntosh may still be available.



Oct. 7: Now picking Golden Delicious, Cortland, Haralson and Wolf River.

Oct. 11: Closed for family birthday.

Oct. 14: Golden Delicious, Roxbury Russet and Winter Banana are ready. Northern Spy are starting.

Oct. 21: Harvesting Rome Beauty and Northern Spy. Some Winter Banana, Golden Delicious, Haralson and Roxbury Russet will still be hanging on if no one has picked them.

Oct. 28: Last of the Rome Beauty and Northern Spy. In a good year the Arkansas Black will be edible now. (Of course I'll save some of those for myself.)

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